Could Cancer be caused by a virus?

Royal Rife did many experiments with mice to determine exactly what caused cancer. He was able to isolate two cancer viruses. These microbes live inside cancer cells. Using his frequency machine, Rife was able to kill these microbes.

Rife's cancer work was not like any other. His machine did no harm to human cells, not even cancer cells. The only thing that was damaged was the tiny microbes living inside the cancer cells. Once the microbes were dead, the cancer cells changed or reverted back to normal cells.

We theorize that perhaps these microbes get inside a cell and set up their own control center, usurping the cell's natural functions and making the cell a slave to the microbe's desires.

Destroying cancer is a race. A race between cancer cells indirectly destroying the non-cancerous cells versus quickly getting rid of cancer cells to protect your normal cells. The faster you eradicate cancer cells, the greater your chance of survival.

The beautiful thing about Rifing cancer cells is that the cell itself is not destroyed, only the microbe living inside the cell. Disable the microbe that has taken control of the cell, and the cell can go back to functioning normally.

Some of Royal Rife's original frequencies are unknown or in controversy. However, we did see two cancer frequencies that are reported to be from the 1950's Rife machines. Carcinoma - 2128 Hz and Sarcoma - 2008 Hz.

More Than Physical Symptoms

To our knowledge, no one has duplicated Rife's success with cancer patients, even though modern Rife machines are more powerful than the ones used in the 1930's. Cancer is not easy to eradicate by using just one method. Nor can physical symptoms alone be treated.

Cancer often starts where cells have been damaged. Carcinogenic chemicals, injury, or other trauma can set off cancer. Because we are spiritual creatures, our own minds can also damage our bodies with overwhelming emotional turmoil.

Sometimes cancer is first manifest shortly after an individual receives some unforeseen, devastating news. Our friend Rob was planning to pop the question to Barbie when she suddenly told him he was too boring and she never wanted to see him again. Shortly afterwards Rob was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Terra came down with breast cancer a couple months after her husband asked for a raise, but was fired instead. Larry could no longer keep farming after the state closed down his well. Stomach cancer put him in the grave a year later.

Life's unexpected turn of events can start destroying a body if resentment, anger and other negative emotions prevail. Forgiveness, release and reconciliation can begin the healing process.

After Rob was devastated by heartbreak and then cancer, he began radically changing his life. He reconnected with people he had harbored resentment and anger toward for years. His divorced wife, who he hadn't talked to in many years, was shocked to hear him say, "I apologize for being so hardheaded."

This began a renewed relationship with her and they started seeing each other again. His grown son also accepted Rob's apology and together they repaired his car. As Rob let go and forgave all who had wronged him, his PSA cancer indicator fell from 433 to 17. Rob's body was healing as he reached out with love and kindness. Rob told us, "Cancer was the best thing that ever happened to me."