Run RifeBlaster ProgramWelcome to a powerful way to cleanse

  • Penetrate where it hurts with pulsing energy
  • Cleanse the area of harmful microbes
  • Unlock blockages
  • Increase circulation


An Electrocleansing system delivers specific high energy electrical frequencies to attack microbes. When disease-causing organisms are hit with specific waves of electricity, they are shaken, dismembered, disabled, dislodged or uprooted, making it difficult or impossible for them to survive.

The vibrating or resonant frequencies used in Electrocleansing is similar to an opera singer shattering glass when she hits the right note. An Electrocleansing system delivers these resonant frequencies, shattering specific microorganisms.

To begin Electrocleansing, plug the Electrobooster into your computer and place the two electrode pads where it hurts. Click on "Run Electrocleansing" and make your selection from the list. Enter a time for the session and press play. The Electrocleansing system penetrates deeply into muscles and tissues where microorganisms may be hiding. That's why you can see muscles pulsing when the system is operating. Adjust the intensity knob so that the sensation feels comfortable, similar to a deep massage.