The Electrocleanse Session

Once you have set up your Electrocleanse machine, you are ready to pick a disorder from the list on the computer screen at Run Electrocleanse

If you are sick, but have not been diagnosed with an illness, you have several choices.

  1. Select a disorder that describes where you feel pain, such as "Back Pain."
  2. Or take our Symptom Survey to find out if you have Lyme Disease, but don't know it.
  3. Or select "Universal Healing for unlisted disorders."

Tips for Using Frequency Sets

Some frequencies seem to penetrate deeply or are just what you need. If you notice a particular frequency that seems to really hit the mark, make note of it so you can run it separately. All available frequencies are listed numerically, after the named frequency sets.

If you have had several Electrocleansing sessions and notice no improvement, you may need to look for other solutions. Sometimes improvement is blocked in one area, but the body responds elsewhere.

For instance, one woman was using the cancer frequencies for breast cancer and showed no improvement. When the pads were placed on her leg and the edema (swelling) frequencies were delivered, the swelling went down, She tried it first on one leg and then on the other. After the swelling subsided, she was able to resume the cancer frequencies and began showing improvement.

Some frequency sets are loosely based on modern frequency instruments, such as TENS machines, and are listed for educational purposes.

To obtain the most benefit, you might try experimenting with different frequency sets including the powerful Universal Healing set. Sometimes placing the pads on different locations produces more effective results.

Drinking Water

To flush out toxins, drink plenty of water. Adding a squeeze of fresh lemon juice to the water aids in cleansing the liver.

Timing of Sessions

For most people, start with a 20 minute session two or three times a week. Increase to 60 minute sessions several times a week, if needed, until the symptoms go away. Listen to your body and don't overdo it. You should notice steady improvement that lasts, not just relief for a few hours.

Caution: If you are extremely ill, weak, or frail, start with a 5 minute session and increase each session as you are able. Have someone help you run the machine.

 A cleansing reaction, called a Herxheimer Reaction, feels like the flu. It is caused by die off of microorganisms. Cleansing too fast can put a strain on the lymphatic system and other organs. To avoid this reaction, proceed slowly and drink plenty of water.

Pad Placement

Electrode pads can be placed several inches apart where the pain is located. Electricity seeks the path of least resistance. The path it takes between two pads looks like a football. Another way is to position the pads on each side of the pain.

You can also do a general lower body cleanse by placing a pad on each foot. A general upper body cleanse is done by putting a pad on each hand.

One pad is negative and the other is positive. You may feel the pulsing stronger on one pad. Reverse the pads if you want the stronger sensation on the other side.

Avoid pulling off the pad while the machine is on - you may get a shock. Turn the Intensity knob down before removing pads.

For children, put pads on their feet and supervise them closely.

For dogs and cats, put pads on their paws or shave off patches of fur so the pads make good contact with their skin. The pads can be cut to fit. Some say it is best to put the pads on the pet while they are napping and to slowly turn up the intensity.

Reusing Pads

Pads can be reused over and over. When you finish a session, place the pads back on the vinyl backing and into the envelope. If pads aren't sticking well, place a few drops of water on the sticky part of the pad and rub it over the surface to reactivate the polymers.

CAUTION: Avoid placing pads on the forehead, temples, front of the neck or near the heart. Pregnant women should not place pads near the developing baby. Those with a heart pacemaker cannot do Electrocleansing.