About Us

Paul and Rachel have an active ministry promoting internal body cleanses. Many metabolic disorders are overcome by using their procedures. Often, people can heal once the body has been cleansed. However, it is not a cure-all. Sometimes there are disorders caused by bacterial or viral infection which require a different type of cleansing. Rachel could not find relief from food-based cleanses when she suffered from DES-induced cancer. But she did find help. Electrocleansing, based on Rifeblaster technology, destroyed the invading microbes and allowed her own body to do the healing. Here's how they discovered this exciting technology:

Back in the early nineties we met a couple of dedicated scientists. They were secretly recreating a discovery that had been suppressed since the 1930's. Their claim was unbelievable. Harmful bacteria and viruses could be shaken to death with certain resonant frequencies. The system they had created was called a Rifeblaster, named after scientist Raymond Royal Rife. In the 1930's, after years of painstaking research, Rife announced that he had discovered the specific resonant frequencies for many common diseases. By applying these resonant frequencies to the body, invading disease organisms could be devitalized.

The two men were eager to show us how the Rifeblaster worked.  To get us excited, they played a video of a microbe being destroyed by resonant frequencies. Then they setup a Rifeblaster machine. Cords ran from a computer to an amplifier, coils, and cloth covered stainless steel pads. After being hooked up, we picked a disorder on the computer screen, selected a duration, and the pulsing began. It was like a penetrating electronic massage with intensity being adjusted by the volume control. Everyone with us was excited to try it. How amazing - we could blast microbes out of our body!

When we left, they packed us up with instructions to make our own Rifeblaster machine, along with computer software, an oscilloscope to monitor the frequencies and home-sewn contact pads. Just for fun we built one. It included drilling into a computer case to access the sound chip on the mother board. After completion, a couple visitors showed up and wanted to be hooked up to the new machine. They were astonished to find their arthritic pain eased after just one session. Since none of the rest of us was sick, the cumbersome device was shelved. But every once in awhile we remembered Byran's earnest words to us, "We need to get this technology out to the sick. You can start with your congregation."

Several years passed and then Rachel became ill. So ill that she could not move from her bed. She hadn't even the strength to sit up. She was hemorrhaging and suffered intense pain in the lower abdomen. Every alternative health remedy we could find was tried - nothing touched this mysterious disease. In desperation, we went to a family practice doctor who did routine tests - everything was normal. "You're healthier than I am," announced the doctor.

The disease was unrelenting. Many painful months passed before we remembered the Rifeblaster technology. We dusted off the components and hooked it up. After just three sessions, she was up and moving and the pain subsided. All glory to God who brought us through such a difficult period and revealed a wonderful healing technology.

Now the thought of others suffering day after day urged us on. We played with the Rifeblaster idea a few times, but so many obstacles stacked up. Who would want to drill into their computer case to attach a jack? Technology was changing and computers were being built differently. How many people had the skill to hook up amplifiers, coils and contact pads and not get shocked or burned?

We wanted a device that ran on direct current electricity for safety and had built in protection against short circuiting. It needed to be a small enclosed unit without bulky amplifiers, coils and cords running everywhere. And we needed a unit that was affordable.

After nearly 15 years from our initial encounter with Rifeblaster technology, we finally discovered a device that did everything we envisioned. The device is called an Electrobooster. The electronics are contained in a small box. No more bulky machines. With this small box, a computer can easily and safely be turned into a machine for Electrocleansing. Finally, Byran's vision of helping the sick with Rifeblaster technology has become a reality.