How It Works

Electrocleansing uses a computer program that generates specific frequency sets for common disorders. An electronic box, called an Electrobooster, plugs into the computer. It increases the energy of the incoming signal and electrode pads deliver the energy to the area being cleansed.

The original concept of using resonant frequencies to disable microbes was discovered in the 1930's by Royal Rife. He invented a Universal Microscope that allowed him to observe the day-to-day activities of live micro-organisms.

He then tested frequencies to determine which ones were lethal to these invading microbes. He built frequency machines that destroyed many types of bacteria and viruses, including cancer viruses. Sadly, his research has been deliberately destroyed. Since the 1980's scientists have been reconstructing Rife's findings and using modern electronics to build resonant frequency machines for Electrocleansing.

 Why Electrocleansing Works

We believe that in many ways the modern Electrocleansing system is more effective than the primitive machines Rife designed. We wish we had an original Rife Universal microscope so that we could watch live microbes being showered with electrical pulses. For now, we can only theorize. What we do know is that we are watching people take up their sick bed and walk. Here's some possible reasons:

  1. Specific resonant frequencies shake microbes to death in a way similar to an opera singer shattering a wine glass.
  2. Pulsing waves of electricity keep the bacteria or other microbes from adhering to the cell walls.
  3. Electrocleansing brings blood and nutrients to the target area which speeds healing.
  4. The flexing and relaxing of the muscles during the session accelerates the movement of the blood, removing many obstructions.
  5. Certain "bugs" can't withstand the electrical energy and are electrocuted.

By the way, these resonant frequencies that are so deadly to micro-organisms have not been shown to cause any harm to normal tissues.

The Body Electric

Scientists have proven that the body is an electrical system. Cells of the body act similarly to tiny batteries storing and releasing energy as it takes nutrients, releases waste, and repairs and reproduces itself. Each cell has a measurable electrical charge, which must be maintained to function properly.

Energy flows constantly between all cells throughout the electrical circuitry of the body. When damage or trauma occurs to living cells, there is a disruption in their electrical capacity. This condition is often made known by pain. It can sometimes take many days or months of rest to heal such damage.

The deep pulsing of an Electrocleanse machine does more than just disable disease organisms. It helps repair electrical abnormalities and imbalances when the body is diseased or injured. Both chronic and acute disorders respond. Some people think of it as a way to "jump start" a weak battery.

Electrocleansing uses high energy with low amperage. High energy may shock, but the discomfort is only for a moment.

In the body, cells transmit and receive energy and each has its own frequency with which it oscillates. Healthy cells oscillate at higher frequencies than do unhealthy cells like cancer. Dr. Steve Haltiwanger, author of The Electrical Properties of Cancer Cells, describes how the body functions as a living electrical circuit. Various cells and tissues are conductors that allow electrons to flow, insulators to inhibit electron flow, semiconductors that allow electron flow in only one direction, capacitors that accumulate and store a charge and later releases that charge, and so on.

Electrocleansing for Pain Relief

By Electrocleansing the areas where pain is present, many have found long lasting relief.

A man with unrelenting hip pain for 30 years did two 10 minute sessions and his pain is gone and has not returned. His acid reflux has also ceased. Frequency set: Hip Pain

MH had shoulder pain in both shoulders. He Electrocleansed his left shoulder and the pain disappeared after one session. He still has pain in his right shoulder, but plans to Electrocleanse it soon. Frequency set: Shoulder Pain

E.B. suffered from two types of cancer and multiple injuries to his back and shoulders from two serious falls. He was sent home from the hospital and given only three weeks to live. He was prescribed morphine for the severe pain. Instead of taking any drugs for pain relief, he Electrocleansed daily and it relieved his pain. Electrocleansing also helped him stay alert and sleep well at night. Frequency set: Shoulder Pain and Universal Healing

MC was in so much pain from Lyme Disease that he could barely get out of bed to do basic chores. After two weeks of Electrocleansing the body, he was pain free and putting in long days of physical work. His friend saw him just as he was beginning to Electrocleanse and said he looked like death warmed over. One week later, after MC had been Electrocleansing daily, his friend said he looked happier and healthier than he had in years. Frequency set: Lyme Disease

HM has multiple health problems including congestive heart failure and arthritis. She began Electrocleansing each day and noticed she started sleeping better at night and is feeling more energetic. She is Electrocleansing twice a day, one hour each session. As her prescriptions are emptied, she is finding it unnecessary to refill them. Frequency set: Arthritis and Universal Healing

PL has suffered from back pain for many years. He started Electrocleansing every morning and evening because it felt so good. Now the pain is gone and he no longer needs to use the machine. Frequency set: Back Problems

More about Electrocleansing

Electrocleansing is an unusual and effective technique which we have personally used to overcome Cancer, Lyme disease and Gingivitis. It works where other alternative methods did not. Advantages of Electrocleansing >>

"...they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover." Mark 16:18
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