Historical Use of Electrical Healing

The ancient Egyptians used Torpedo fish (similar to electric eels) for pain relief. These fish produced powerful electrical shocks. Fish would be placed on the painful regions of the body for relief.

A similar technique was also used in the first century by Roman physician, Scribonius Largus, who wrote that pain was relieved by standing on an electrical fish at the seashore.

Electrostatic devices were used from the sixteenth through the eighteenth century for headaches and other pain. Benjamin Franklin advocated this method of pain relief.

John Wesley opened free clinics in the mid eighteenth century around London and successfully healed over 20 types of illnesses by electrifying patients. He spoke enthusiastically about the benefits of electrical therapy saying, "Certainly it comes the nearest an universal medicine of any yet known in the world." John Wesley Pioneers Electric Healing >>

In the 1930's Royal Rife used a Universal microscope to observe disease organisms succumbing when exposed to certain lethal frequencies generated by his machine. Royal Rife >>

People are reporting good results using electricity to combat various ailments. Sometimes it is discovered accidentally, sometimes by design, but the results are compelling. Primitive Electrocleansing - A World Wide Phenomenon >>

Rachel used Electrocleansing on Lyme disease, and a rare form of cancer from DES exposure. She also used it to control Gingivitis. A Brush with Death - DES, Cancer and Lyme Disease >> and Electrocleansing for Gum Disease (Gingivitis) >>

Today electrical frequency machines are in common use. Here are a few devices >>