A Brush with Death - DES, Cancer and Lyme Disease

By Rachel

My health problems started before I was born. In hopes of preventing a miscarriage, my mother took the drug DES, the first synthetic estrogen hormone. Unknown to us, it was a biological timebomb. Years later, DES daughters, whose mothers took DES while pregnant, discovered that many of us had chromosome damage and increased cancer risk.

I was blissfully ignorant of this, and unknowingly added to the risk by using birth control pills and an IUD for seven years. My only clue was ovarian cysts. After a close call, I began avoiding caffeine and the cysts disappeared. Read the story here >>

However, every time I had a Pap smear, it came back positive for cancer. When I would go back in for reexaminations and testing, I was told I had what looked like Clear Cell Carcinoma. But since I had no other symptoms, they just said I was precancerous.

I was living in the dark ages of medical knowledge about DES. Back in the seventies, most doctors had no idea what they were looking at. Clear Cell Carcinoma is a slow growing cancer that is asymptomatic for many years before becoming deadly serious.

While I was pregnant with my first child, a couple new health problems joined the confusion. I was bit by a tick in the eighth month of pregnancy and contracted Lyme disease. My leg swelled, my head ached, but Lyme symptoms were forgotten in the excitement of the new baby arriving a month early. Giving birth prematurely is another symptom of DES, but I didn't know it at the time. My second daughter was born two months early and I was told I would not be able to have any more children.

When my daughters were teenagers, I suddenly began suffering intense pain, and started hemorrhaging. The color drained from my face and I became bed bound. A visit to a medical doctor revealed nothing. Blood tests were fine, prompting the doctor to say that I was healthier than he.  He ignored the fact that I was so weak my husband had to carry me in and out of his office.

It wasn't until years later that we pieced it together. I was fighting cancer - Clear Cell Carcinoma. The evidence was right there in the pap smears and later in the heavy, prolonged bleeding and debilitating pain. All I knew was that I was dying and didn't know why.

Months dragged by. There were a few good days, but mostly bad days. For all my healthy habits and wholesome diet, my vitality just kept slipping away.

Then out of the blue, our prayers were answered. My husband met up with some mad scientists experimenting with Rife technology. They were eager to share, and Paul brought home the parts to build a crude Electrocleansing system called a Rifeblaster . More here >>

In pain and without any other options, I allowed myself to be hooked up, and we targeted my lower abdomen using the Universal Healing Frequency set.

For the first time in months, the severe pain in my lower abdomen began to ease as the machine pulsed my muscles. I found immense relief after just one session. I fell asleep directly afterwards, and when I awoke, was able to walk back upstairs by myself. After one week of sessions, I was up and around with enough energy to work.

I continued to improve, but it was a long road. The bleeding stopped, but occasionally, even a few years later, the pain would revisit me. But this time I had a weapon against it. We would pull out the Rifeblaster machine and run the frequencies until the symptoms passed.

Lyme Disease Reappears

A few years after my brush with Cancer, new symptoms appeared - swollen leg, pressure headaches, abdominal pain. Yes, it was Lyme disease making itself known 15 years after the initial tick bite. Remembering our success with Clear Cell Carcinoma, we dusted off our Rifeblaster machine and again saw excellent results.

When I think back on it, I am reminded of the woman in the book of Luke who had spent all her substance on doctors and was still no better. She, too, didn't know the cause of her hemorrhaging. But by touching the power of Jesus, she found healing. (Luke 8:43)

Jesus chose to heal me in a most unusual way, even without my realizing why I was in pain. That is the beauty of Electrocleansing. You don't even need to know why you are ill, or what caused it. It works for some things, though not on others. Amazingly, it worked for me.

Though I live with the knowledge that I am predisposed to cancer because of DES, if I have symptoms again, I am grateful to have Electrocleansing to nip the symptoms as soon as they appear. Electrocleansing has given me freedom from two devastating diseases and an opportunity to help others to also find health and healing.

Several years later, Rachel used Electrocleansing on Gingivitis, with good results.
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