Using Rife Machine to Defeat Lyme Disease

Bryan Rosner overcame Lyme Disease and wrote a book called, When Antibiotics Fail - Lyme Disease and Rife Machines. His book is based on the experience of actual Lyme Disease sufferers. His research shows that rife machines really do work.

The following is an excerpt from the preface of his book:

There is substantial evidence that rife machines are safer and more effective than other "proven" Lyme Disease treatments. Rife machines appear to be safe because they have had the chance to show negative side effects over their 15+ years of use against Lyme Disease, but have not. They are effective because many people who use them attain significant improvement (and sometimes remission) from Lyme Disease. This success is possible even after antibiotics fail. For evidence of Rife machine effectiveness, look no further than the Lyme Disease community. A small, scattered group of Lyme Disease sufferers have been successfully treating their antibiotic-resistant, chronic Lyme Disease with rife machines for over 15 years. Many of these people are able to quit antibiotics for good after they began rife machine therapy, and they consider their "antibiotic days" just a bad memory.

Rife machines are appealing to Lyme Disease sufferers for many reasons. They are not expensive or inconvenient to use. They can be built or purchased for less than it costs to replace a hot water heater. A rife machine treatment only takes a half hour or so, and is needed just several times per month. Conversely, history has shown that rife machines are not an appealing research option for medical research companies. So this very useful alternative therapy has never been investigated by well-funded organizations. The treatment has remained largely underground. Sadly, many Lyme Disease sufferers don't know about the rife machine treatment option.

In my battle with Lyme Disease, it was years before I heard of rife machines. I continued to become increasingly sick and miserable despite seeing many doctors and spending tens of thousands of dollars on conventional and alternative therapies. In desperation I decided to adopt a new strategy to locate better treatments: I resolved to find people who actually got better and ask them how they did it. I am quite certain many readers know exactly what I'm talking about. After you've seen a dozen doctors but aren't well, you start asking around at church or work. You interview Lyme Disease sufferers to find what worked.

As I began to locate the people who recovered I was surprised by a striking commonality - many used rife machines to get better after nothing else worked. Sure, there was the occasional antibiotic, hyperbaric oxygen chamber, or herbal remedy success story. But those were few and far between. Especially when it came to chronic Lyme Disease (which I had). By and large, what I found was that a Lyme Disease sufferer had one of two stories: Either, "I'm well (or much better) because of rife machines" or "I'm still suffering and nothing is working."

I had absolutely nothing to lose - I had already lost everything to Lyme Disease. So I acquired a rife machine. It cost me $700.00. When it arrived and was sitting in my living room, I thought to myself, through my Lyme Disease brain fog, "you've got to be kidding - this bizarre apparatus is actually going to kill such horrible, unstoppable bacteria?" I took a deep breath and flipped the switch on. To my amazement, I began to see improvement after a couple weeks of using the machine. Though people had told me rife machines worked, I was still shocked it was actually doing something. After a couple of months I was much better. Initial improvements did not relent, but continued consistently and predictably. I had used many other therapies that worked at first, but ceased to be effective after a while. Rife machines were different - they kept working.

I got better and better. My brain began to work again. Lyme Disease is primarily a neurological disease, and my neurological symptoms improved rapidly. My body returned to feeling healthy and strong. I could exercise again, and even enjoy it. I had been sick so long I really forgot what 'normal' felt like. It did take a while to achieve lasting results - as you'll read, the recovery process is long. Any successful Lyme Disease therapy requires months or years to be fully effective. But I was happily patient after all I had been through. Am I completely cured? At the time I wrote this book, I still had lingering symptoms. However, rife therapy took me from debilitated and bed-bound to a functioning member of society. No other therapies provided this improvement. And I continue to improve each and every week. Before rife therapy, I continued to get worse each and every week. Chapter 1 contains a detailed discussion of the typical results people get with rife machines. Although rife machines do not cure everyone, they often allow people to return to a normal lifestyle and enjoy life again.

From: When Antibiotics Fail - Lyme Disease and Rife Machines by Bryan Rosner.