Modern Frequency Machines

Today electrical frequency machines are in common use. Here are a few devices:

  1. Muscle Stimulators - provide deep muscle stimulation, relieves pain, reduces muscle spasms and edema and tones weak muscles. Used by Russian athletes. Runs at 2500 Hz.
  2. TENS - use electrical stimulation to block pain. Two types; low TENS uses frequencies from 2 to 10 Hz. High TENS use 90 to 130 Hz.
  3. Interferential Therapy Units - use a high frequency carrier waveform. Similar to TENS, but penetrates deeper into tissue. Runs at 3,000-4,000 Hz.
  4. Bone Growth Stimulators - used to heal broken bones. Runs at 40 to 80 Hz.
  5. Deep Brain Stimulators - use implanted electrodes to impart electrical pulses directly to the brain to control involuntary muscular tremors in Parkinson's disease. Runs at 120 and 160 Hz.
  6. Cardiac Pacemakers - use an electrical impulse to regulate the heart's rhythm. Electricity is not safe to use on someone with a pacemaker.
  7. Electrocleanse Machines - use resonant frequencies to disable disease causing organisms.